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Why do you have a girlfriend if you are still checking out other single black girls and second, how did you manage to become her superior. Not that I know anything about the single black women in question, but I have been able to gather a lot of personality insight from you. It is pretty easy to assume that you just can not be alone. You do not want to be with your beautiful black ladies if someone out there is better, but you do not want to be without her in case you can not get a better single ebony girls. It makes me wonder how old you are and if you are mature enough to understand the serious nature of black dating services. You should be with your girlfriend because you love her and see a possible future with her. If you are interested in other ebony singles, let the girl go. You should not just keep her around to appease your sense of black chat. If a black woman declined your offer, she may feel awkward in ebony chat with you. Your situation is entirely of your own doing. You will make your own decisions and nothing I can say will probably lead to you doing the right thing with african american singles.

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