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I think there is an important lesson to learn in ebony dating sites. I often hear about single black ladies dropping their significant others simply because they have too much to handle and they think that love will only complicate their lives even further. It could complicate things in some ways, but if it is a good love that love will be the force which helps you get through all of the obstacles you are facing. You said yourself that it was difficult taking care of ebony women. But instead, you viewed the black dating site as something to impede you. In this case, you were wrong. Not only that, but why should anyone throw away love just because things get tough. Going through struggles together is what makes love strong. What you need to do is realize that you can not just throw away a good thing because you have too much on your plate. It is a lame thing to do and a little heartless as well. If the relationship had been a bad one, then by all means get rid of it. You should make your life as happy as possible. But from what I gather, you had a happy relationship. You called beautiful black women the love of your life. You can not just throw that away and expect pretty black girls to be hunky dory about it. But I see that you already know this. So again I say that you need to come to the conclusion that running away is not a good idea when you have something good. And once you realize it, stick to your african american chat. If you do it again to her, it will most likely be the last time. She is not just going to come running back to you after one little apologetic conversation. It is going to take time and effort on your part. You are going to have to show ebony ladies that you are not going to run away again simply by sticking around for as long as it takes to convince him of your sincerity. Not giving up on him just might prove to him, in the end, that you really do love him.

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