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I think you are acting very wise and mature for your age to be considering this decision so thoughtfully. This is not a choice to take lightly as your black ebony girls would have you do. Moving in together as a trial run before marriage is not a wise idea. You are completely right for having second thoughts about this issue. Nowadays ebony personals just move in with each other without a commitment and without a problem. They believe that if they can get along with ebony ladies, they will eventually get married. People use this type of black christian dating as a way to test their relationship. Fifty years ago, this would be unheard of. Your family would dis own you and your church would have you kicked out. Not that this should ever be an issue. I just find it amusing how much times have changed. Although views have changed so much in recent times, old values do have a certain amount of intelligence to them. If you really want to start dating black women, living together before marriage is a bad idea and I will tell you why. Most single black ladies still hold to the idea that once they get married, it will be for the rest of their lives and this is a great way to think. Divorce does happen and it is a shame because ebony love has problems. When you can make it through those problems, however long it takes, your marriage will be even stronger in the end. Unfortunately, people use divorce all too often to solve their marriage woes. But when it comes to divorce versus breaking up in african american chat rooms, the break up happens much more often than the divorce. Giving it a go at a test run while living together, you will certainly encounter some problems in your relationship. You have a bigger chance of breaking up instead of getting married. However, if you were married or at least engaged, you would both give that much more of an effort to work on the relationship and save it during the hard times.

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